Your questions answered...

How do I know if you are the right counsellor for me?

If you contact me via email or phone, I can give you a call back. This would be free of charge and without obligation. We can discuss what you need and any concerns you may have.  You can then decide if it feels right for you to book your first session.  Remember, counselling with me is about what you need and you are free to leave counselling with me at any time.

Do you offer face to face, online or phone counselling?

I offer face to face counselling from my home office but am also experienced in delivering online and phone counselling.  My online sessions are delivered via Zoom.

How much will a session cost?

Sessions are charged at £50* per 50 minute session. I require payment in full when an initial session is booked to secure your booking. 

*Please note, prices will be reviewed annually in December.

How many sessions will I need?

Everyone is different and some people need or want more sessions than others.  I offer both short and long term counselling. We can discuss the number and frequency of sessions during our initial session and this can be reviewed regularly.

Where are you?

I work from my purpose built office to the rear of my home address in Winsford, Cheshire. This is a confidential space where you can be assured of privacy.

Do I have to have George in the session?

No.  My therapy dog, George, does not have to be in our session if this is not what you want. 

**NOTE: I have George in the therapy room everyday.  If you have an allergy to dogs, it may not be suitable for you to book a face to face session with me.

What is your availability?

I work Monday-Friday 9am-5pm. I do offer some limited early evening appointments,  but these tend to book up fast.


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